“Cheating Frenchman sues Uber for unmasking his mistress”

“An adulterous businessman in southern France is seeking damages of up to 45 million euros ($48 million) from Uber over his wife’s discovery of his extra-marital rides, his lawyer and a report said Friday.” According to the man, he once used his wife’s phone to arrange a ride, and although he logged the account off afterward, it continued to send her alerts that revealed his travel activities to incriminating effect. [France 24]


  • Use the wife’s cellphone to arrange transportation to an assignation – brilliant!

    • It’s not clear from the story that the original call on her phone had been for that purpose. He claims that Uber went on sending her updates that revealed details of his travels, so it may have been travels of later rides that incriminated him.

      • True. Could even have been traveling with the wife when he made the Uber call.

  • My legal opinion, as a non lawyer, is that if you are using your wife’s phone to book an Uber ride to you mistress you should be locked up for your own safety.

    Being that stupid is hazardous for your health.