Intellectual diversity at law schools

As I noted in my book Schools for Misrule a few years back, law faculties, especially at elite schools, tilt overwhelmingly leftward on the political spectrum. Last month the Association of American Law Schools turned down a request from conservative and libertarian legal scholars that a task force be set up to look into this issue and that data be released to help identify such patterns if indeed they exist. On Wednesday 28 dissident legal scholars went public with a letter urging a change of course. Here’s Josh Blackman’s post about the letter. Other signatories include Jonathan H. Adler, Randy Barnett, Gail Heriot, James Lindgren, John McGinnis, Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz, Ilya Somin, Eugene Volokh, and Stephen Ware. More: Randy Barnett; Paul Caron/TaxProf with links.

More: AALS executive director Judith Areen responds.

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