Environment roundup

  • “The river can’t stop people from throwing hooks in it, which seems like an important right for a legal person to have” [Lowering the Bar] “Just days after New Zealand declared the Whanganui River a legal person, the world’s population of river people (not people who live on the river, but rivers who are people) tripled, when a court in India waved its judicial wand and transformed the Ganges and Yamuna rivers” [same, follow-up]
  • One way to make Vladimir Putin unhappy: support legal fracking in U.S. [Eric Roston, Bloomberg]
  • Stadium subsidies for the Patagonia set: outdoor gear makers push federal Western land grabs [Terry Anderson]
  • Washington Post account of Wyoming rancher Clean Water case might deserve a Pinocchio or two of its own [Jonathan Wood]
  • “When should the federal government own land?” [Tyler Cowen]
  • Missed this 2014 Los Angeles Times investigation into the story behind a federal raid on pot-hunters in the rural Southwest [“A Sting in the Desert“]

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