Relaxing the ABA’s rules on law school faculty structure

The American Bar Association is proposing easing its mandate that law schools use full-time faculty for at least one-half of courseload; the new minimum would be one-third. The shift would be a step toward reviving the once-common and generally less expensive model of law school oriented more toward training-for-practice and less toward scholarship and research. I recommended similar reforms in Schools for Misrule. [Paul Horwitz; Paul Caron and links]


  • Before I would comment on the attorney fee request, I would like to see how many hours the defense attorney spent on the case.

    • Sorry, this comment was for a different posting on this blog.

      • We will let it go this time, but…

      • Allan,

        I was going to comment on your question but wasn’t sure you had mis-posted the comment.

        According to a linked article in the above links, the lawyer claimed he spent 4007 hours on the case. ($450 per hour) He is also asking for other costs within the $2.2 million, including the payment of “experts” he never called at trial.

        I had the same question as you did on the number of hours which is why I went looking.

  • I won’t. Here’s the figure from the second paragraph of the linked article:

    Richard J. Murray claimed in a Superior Court filing he spent 4,007 hours representing Randolph Police Officer Melissa Bailey, the Daily Record reported. “