Arrive home safely, go to bed, get arrested for DUI

“If Canada’s new impaired driving laws are passed police could show up on your doorstep — up to two hours after you arrive home — to demand a breath or saliva sample.” The proposals would “[drop] the requirement that officers must first have reasonable suspicion before demanding a breath test,” and shift to the accused the burden of proving that the timing of drinking as reflected in a breath test was legally innocent. Critics predicted a challenge under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the changes, “which were announced the same day the federal government unveiled its bill to legalize marijuana.” [Bryan Labby, CBC]


  • And what happens if you drive home stone-cold sober (BAC 0.0), then put your feet up with a good book and a whiskey-and-soda…?

  • Keep an empty, or partial bottle in the liquor cabinet or refrigerator. Why yes officer, I did have a drink or two once safely home. Rinsed my mouth with a bit of mouthwash (38 proof in Scope). Now where did I put that Nyquil (10%)

  • I thought I was reading a version of the drunk who mistakenly brought home a police cruiser.