Grad student to sue over portrayal in Laura Kipnis book

Laura Kipnis, who wrote a widely read article on the problems with the Title IX accusation process on campus and then herself had to fend off a Title IX complaint based on having written the article, is now being sued by the same Northwestern University graduate student who pursued the earlier Title IX complaints. The woman says she was portrayed under a pseudonym in Kipnis’s new book Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes To Campus and was unfairly characterized as, among other things, “litigious.” [Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed, Robby Soave, earlier on Kipnis]


  • The most incisive comment I’ve seen on this case was by a commenter to Colleen Flaherty’s Inside Higher Ed article.

    It alluded to a 1973 Jimmy Buffet song (written under the pseudonym Marvin Gardens):

    >Reminds me of that great country and western song.
    > “Why don’t we get drunk, and sue”

  • The ‘earlier’ link leads back to this article.


    • No, if you look more closely it leads to a search page based on her surname as the search term, of which the first result is this post, followed by six more posts. There is no easy way to provide a search page that is not so headed.