• It was a Physics Experiment to answer fundamental questions of the General Relativity of Hourly Billing: How can you be two places at once, when you’re not anywhere at all?

    • Ten OF points for the Firesign Theatre reference, Mr. Wfjag.

    • These experiments require great care. Deputy Dan could shove him up against the Wall of Science just when he thinks he’s found a source for simulated exhilaration.

      And what Mike said.

      • “Close B Clothes Mode on Deputy Dan”.

    • “Antelope Freeway, 1/16th mile.”

  • I suppose he will fulfill it in 365 days.


  • do not rush to judgment. maybe he was going through different time zones continuously, like riding the train in Icepiercer.

  • The longest day of 2017 was Sunday March 12th. It was 25 hours long in most states.

  • Round the clock negotiations in collective bargaining are not unusual. I’ve participated in several, but was an in house counsel at the time. However, had I been an outhouse counsel, a 24 hour billing cycle would have been legitimate.

  • Somebody watched too much “Back to the Future”…

    • No, it’s “Back To The Shadows”.

  • “Cooke also indicated he failed to file a guardian ad litem brief by the deadline because of low testosterone, which caused him to sleep between 10 hours and 16 hours a day. At the same time, the court opinion said, he was billing for the state for his long work days.” [emphasis added] Especially surprising given the size of his balls.

  • Darrell, March 12 2017 was 23 hours. Spring ahead, lose an hour. On November 6, 2016, we fell back an hour, repeating 1 am-2am, giving that day 25 hours.

  • Time Change Nazi: I bow to you sir!