Logic of olive oil settlement might be hard to press

Lawyers sued over the labeling of Filippo Berio olive oil as “imported from Italy” because the Italian-packed product derives from olives grown not only in Italy but also in other countries such as Greece and Tunisia. In the settlement of the class action Kumar v. Salov North America Corp., “the attorneys look to get over 300% of what their clients will.” [Ted Frank and Will Chamberlain, CEI]


  • We were too conservative in our estimate. The final claims rate shows that attorneys are asking for 470% of what the class gets.

  • Given that the lawyers care 470% more than the members of the class, this seems fair. What’s surprising is that the lawyers don’t care infinitely more, which would result in their claiming all the moneys.


  • Has this issue been litigated before, or are these greasy lawyers in extra virgin territory? ;-b

  • In the good old days, Vito Corleone protected our courts from such time-wasting foolishness…