Campus climate roundup

  • This seems an important point: requiring students to engage in social justice work impinges on their moral independence [Julie Lawton, DePaul Law]
  • 7 minutes of madness: astounding Michael Moynihan video on the Evergreen State blowup [Vice News, language]
  • Classics in ruins [Sandra Kotta/Quillette, parts one, two]
  • “Princeton Appears To Penalize Minority Candidates for Not Obsessing About Their Race” [Coyote]
  • Claim: college violated Title IX by not doing more to stop anonymous off-campus social media posts [T. Rees Shapiro, Washington Post on suit against University of Mary Washington]
  • Historical figure almost wholly forgotten except as name on building. Worth exhuming just to manifest our disdain? [Charles Reichmann, San Francisco Chronicle on Boalt Hall School of Law at UC Berkeley] More: Online shaming mobs from both sides of the political spectrum now going after provocative academics [Heterodox Academy]

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