Campus climate roundup

  • This is big: Betsy DeVos appoints First Amendment advocate Adam Kissel as Deputy Assistant Secretary for higher ed programs [Inside Higher Ed]
  • “He is currently exploring restorative justice from an anti-authoritarian perspective.” [East Bay Times, Berkeleyside on wayward former Diablo Valley College faculty member]
  • “Oxford apologizes for saying that avoiding eye contact is racism, but not because the claim is mad.” [“Fabius Maximus” on BBC report]
  • “…the Michigan Political Union has since had to avoid other debate topics for fear of similar shout-downs.” [National Review]
  • Advice for academics: “Never object to a diversity policy publicly. It is no longer permitted.” [Jon Haidt, Peter Berkowitz on Duke Divinity case]
  • Things began to spin awry at Evergreen State College with plan to require “equity justification” for every faculty hire [Bret Weinstein, WSJ; Inside Higher Ed; Seattle Times editorial]


  • Evergreen State College is the textbook example of what happens when progressive is allowed to drive without brakes. The fiasco with the college president is entertaining in a sado-masochistic way. If would be much better if the institution of higher indoctrination were not taxpayer funded (that is, by 50% of us).

  • Is it okay to laugh that Oxford’s “equality and diversity unit” had “not taken disabilities into account”?

  • I’m not surprised about Evergreen. As is typical of the political left, they can’t help but descend to a tyranny from the most radical elements. Its in their nature. The radical, ruthless elements of the left ultimately take over since the “moderate” left is unwilling to criticize their own, since to do so, might look like support the “counter revolution” or “the old guard”.

    The history of Russian Revolution and the various left wing parties vis-a-vis the Communists in 1917-1918 is a classic example of this dynamic.

    The funny thing is, if the moderate left was actually getting an education at places like Evergreen, they’d realize the above and put a stop to it.

    Educated but ignorant.