• I think this is reasonable. And a lawsuit may be the only way to get the bank’s attention on this matter.

    Of course, the whole story seems outrageous! Who sends naked selfies on Linked-In?

    • The person who worked for the bank was not acting in the bank’s interests, and even if he was, he was acting against the bank’s policies on sexual harassment.

      The bank doesn’t seem to have known about any similar incident prior to this one and doesn’t seem to have known that the guy who sent it was doing it. They also weren’t aware until the lawsuit that the incident had happened.

      How is this the bank’s fault then?

      What could the bank have done to prevent this?

      What “reasonable” action could the bank have taken?

      At what point in time do we hold individuals accountable for their actions that are (arguably) illegal and against the policies of the company for which they work? Does anyone really think that the bank said “go send this woman naked pictures?”

      The bank is the deep pocket here. That’s the basis for them being named in the suit. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    • “Who sends naked selfies on Linked-In?”
      Call me old-fashioned but no naked selfies of me exist.