Under new Connecticut law, lawyers to represent animals in court

“A Connecticut law makes it the first state to provide animals with court-appointed advocates to represent them in abuse and cruelty cases, similar to laws that provide for victim’s or children’s advocates.” [Laurel Wamsley, NPR]


  • Anyone else reminded of Caligula’s horse?

  • It is amazing what a state legislature will do to please campaign contributors, in this case attorneys.
    Apparently law business is thin on the ground in Connecticut.

  • Is this the same Connecticut that’s having massive tax shortfalls? Keep digging the hole deeper!

  • Connecticut Public Act 16-39, also named “Desmond’s Law, after the deceased, has a provision that says it may be used ” in any court proceeding pursuant to section 22-329a of the general statutes,”
    22-329a, et. seq. include provisions for taking the animal into state custody and vesting of ownership.
    Right now the attorneys are volunteer, but if the pilot goes well, the sky’s the limit.
    Imagine having the dog for a client in a contested divorce.
    “Your honor, belly rubs are non-optional.”

  • Next step: animal Gideon.

  • But not fetuses?

  • Mike, the lawyers that are representing animals in these cases are not the same lawyers making big campaign contributions. Trust me.

    The reality is that the arc of history is bending towards giving more rights to animals. You can think this is wrong. But is where the country is moving towards more compassion for animals.

    Read this article famous piece from David Foster Wallace:


    Even if you disagree with the premise, the writing is stunning.