Tipsy axe-throwing: in case it winds up in court

Not that an entertainment business plan based in part on providing a venue for tipsy axe-throwing would ever run into litigation. But just in case it ever does, here are arguments you might offer as plaintiff [Lowering the Bar]:

Maybe you’ve heard of the “assumption of risk” doctrine, maybe you haven’t. (Well, now you have.) You will point out, probably, that there is no warning on the company’s website saying not to do whatever it is you did, or if there is a warning about that, you didn’t see it. You will argue that they didn’t have a disclaimer form for you to sign; or if they did, you didn’t sign it; or if you did, you didn’t read it. You will consider arguing that the instructors aren’t qualified, but you probably won’t because one of them is actually named “Thor,” and a jury would never believe a guy named “Thor” isn’t qualified to teach axe-throwing.

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