“Lawyers Hope to Do to Opioid Makers What They Did to Big Tobacco”

As the Wall Street Journal reports, former Mississippi attorney general and longtime Overlawyered favorite Michael Moore has been collaborating with Ohio Attorney General Michael DeWine, with other elected government attorneys, and with other trial lawyers to seek lift-off of suits against painkiller makers and distributors. The headline was “Lawyers Hope to Do to Opioid Makers What They Did to Big Tobacco,” which got several of us going on Twitter:

Which in turn played off Jonathan Adler’s:

And Gabriel Malor’s:

Mine drew a number of responses, including this from Bloomberg View business columnist Joe Nocera:


In a more conventional op-ed vein, there’s this from Tiger Joyce.

One Comment

  • It astounds me that these Attorneys General find the gall to sue Drug companies. Somehow prescribed pain medications go from prescriptions to CRISIS nearly overnight. Why didn’t these elected defenders of law see any of this coming? These days everything is a crisis.

    Ohio Attorney General DeWine is also running for Governor, this couldn’t have anything to do with any lawsuit?