Libel, slander, and defamation roundup

  • After nearly four years federal judge grants summary judgment to blogger/prosecutor Patrick Frey, one of many defendants sued by Brett Kimberlin [Patterico] That took a lot of thankless pro bono work by attorney/Likelihood of Confusion blogger Ron Coleman (who writes about it here) and Maryland employment lawyer Bruce Godfrey [Eric Turkewitz, more reactions]
  • India: “editor explains how threat of legal action is used to silence journalists” [Aayush Soni, Committee To Protect Journalists]
  • Liberty Counsel v. GuideStar, Maajid Nawaz v. SPLC: “How the Southern Poverty Law Center Enraged Nominal Conservatives Into Betraying Free Speech Values” [Popehat]
  • “Former University Official Files Libel Lawsuit Against His Replacement For Things A Journalist Said” [Tim Cushing, TechDirt, Tennessee]
  • “Ted Rall Is Incensed That Anti-SLAPP Laws Protect Everyone” [Popehat]
  • Conjuring up notional John Doe defendants can help get injunctions forcing websites to take down stories [Paul Alan Levy, Arizona]

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