• But they will happily accept a nuisance settlement as an alternative to inflicting the cost of far reaching discovery and wasteful motion practice on the Insurer, using pre-printed demands, form pleadings, form discovery, and form motions for which plaintiff names and relevant dates are auto-inserted by way of computer merge fields…

    If only the ABA, one of the last vestiges of the Guild system, policed its own to ensure quality instead of protecting its own to ensure billables.

    Also, this was amusing. Certainly cuter than when humans do it hoping on public transportation after an accident, spilling liquids on store floors then “tripping”, staging auto accidents, and the like. No, I don’t believe its typical of the majority of claims, but its certainly been my experience that a few firms and attorneys generate a disproportionate number of claims, specializing in just such practices. The duty of good faith belief and reasonable investigation before bringing suit (never mind a claim) appears long abandoned.

  • Aw, kitty wants to play….

  • Here’s my demand letter, day in the life video, and expert opinion by Kitty Chiropractic.

  • I didn’t see another feline inspecting the alleged injured party.

    No cat scan, no claim.