Privacy a casualty in war on opioids

Law enforcement officials in some states are seeking warrantless access to prescription databases. A New Jersey bill “would require officials to ‘certify’ that they are engaged in a specific investigation,” seeking to calm fears that enforcers will begin trawling data for people to investigate. Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo has already signed a similar bill. “In California, the Supreme Court ruled recently that the state Medical Board can dig through prescription drug records without a warrant or subpoena.” [Associated Press via Scott Shackford, Reason]


  • Why can’t they anonymize data?

    • They (law enforcement) don’t want anonymized data. They want to go trolling for pain killer addicts and the doctors who are prescribing to them.

  • Drive the trade underground cuz it’s worked so well in the past. The first war on drugs did, and it gave us Al Capone. The second did much the same, hello Pablo Escobar. The third will give us Skynet, where you can’t tell the cops from the robbers without a program.

  • With civil asset forfeiture the cops are already the robbers.