• Silliness. The kids weren’t hurt–de minimis non curat lex.

    I had sips of beer when I was little. Which, of course, nowadays, would be cause to put me in foster care.

  • My youngest Sister had an iron deficiency when she was little and couldn’t take iron supplements. My Mother asked the Doctor if our Grandfather giving us sips of his beer would hurt us? I remember the Doctor saying “She’ll drink beer?”. This was in 1969 when there was no such thing as N/A beer. My Mother would heat beer in a pan to boil off the alcohol and cool it down to give to her. These days she would be arrested for child endangerment.

  • Since when is alcohol in small quantities bad for children? As is common in Europe where my father grew up, if my parents were having wine or beer with the meal, we were also served from an early age. My father was a neurologist. The very thought of one of us riding a motorcycle terrified him, but he did not think that small quantities of alcohol would harm us.

  • I’ve seen something similar happen. The waitress took a pitcher of orange juice and filled up the glasses of a table full of kids.

    It was actually a pitcher of mimosas.

    Luckily someone caught it right away.