Spending $40K in legal fees to defend a garage

After a six-year battle that went to the Delaware Supreme Court, and spending what says was $40,000 on legal fees, car enthusiast Charles Williams has finally prevailed in a legal battle with neighbors over his construction of the garage a judge called “auto tinkerer’s Taj Mahal” [Cape Gazette]


  • Is the in person interview next? Certainly we can’t allow the interviewers inherent biases upon laying eyes on the applicant to unfairly impact them. Perhaps hire by lottery, or better yet city administered placement

  • The original story could have used a bit more facts. Was he really in violation of zoning rules? Ah, the link to the article about the Chancery Court decision provides more detail including a picture of the garage. Those people were just pricks.

  • Berger,
    Margaret Foulke, who lodged hundreds of complaints, and Carol Kane, seem like the whip-masters behind this prosecution. While I agree with the sentiment in your last sentence, there are gender appropriate descriptors for these two women. The hell of it is, most of us are too polite to use them in mixed company.
    Good for Chas. Williams. He gets the win and keeps his sanity. I’ve never met him and I like him already.