“And he disrespected the Wu-Tang Clan.”

Highlights from the jury selection process in the Martin Shkreli case. “More than two hundred potential jurors were excused from the trial.” [Harper’s]


  • If the defense introduces character witnesses, does that open the door for prosecution character witnesses?

  • That read like an Onion-type parody but it was presented like a basic transcript of court proceedings. The article didn’t confirm which it was. Does overlawyered know?

    • Not a parody but highlights from an actual transcript of jury selection, according to Harper’s and several other contemporaneous reports.

    • Wu-Tang Clan is a hip hop group. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu-Tang_Clan

      The put out a limited edition album ” Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” of which only one copy would be sold at a special auction with a stipulation that is can not be resold.

      Shkreli bought that album for $2 million and is refusing to allow it to be played anywhere.

  • They could still release singles off it you would think. Maybe even add a couple extra tracks and release another albumn with all the tracks+ under a different name. Have a concert tour using the songs and release a live albumn. That committments has so many holes it would make a good sieve.

    • Neither you nor I know the specific details of that commitment, so you can’t possibly know if it has any holes in it or not.