Environment roundup

  • “Will Spokane Pass an Expensive, Unenforceable Ban on Rail Shipment of Fossil Fuels?” [Erin Mundahl, Inside Sources] New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo blockades a natural gas pipeline, and New England economy pays the price [WSJ]
  • “Plaintiff firms have filed some 800 complaints against marijuana businesses” alleging California Prop 65 (toxics warnings) violations [WSJ editorial, more on Prop 65]
  • Encyclopedia of Libertarianism, originally published in 2008 under editorship of Ronald Hamowy and now free online at Cato Institute, has article on “Environment” by Jonathan Adler; more background here;
  • Fake all the horns: entrepreneur’s scheme could make rhino poaching uneconomic, but enviro groups dead set against [John Stossel/Reason post, video]
  • Yes, you are ingesting pesticides. No, it’s not a problem [Matan Shelomi, Quora/Forbes]
  • The economic way of thinking tends to inoculate one against fads like the peak oil scare [Ron Bailey]


  • One added bonus to Cuomo II in blocking energy development in upstate NY: the suburbs and rural areas where fracking is possible are largely Republican…as these people leave the state for areas where economic progress is not blocked by government edict, these suburbs and rural areas de-populate….thus concentrating voting power in Democrat-held cities.

  • First it is artificial rhino horns, then somebody will come up with artificial ivory and pretty soon the animal rights groups start to lose a large part of their funding.

  • Artificial ivory already exists. It is called plastic, and it comes from petrochemicals. Which the green blob wants to eliminate, as well.

  • The first artificial Ivory was cellulose. It worked for a while until it was found out that when it ages it becomes a contact explosive.

  • Ooooooo, imagine piano keys out of that after a few decades… Real bang up show…

    • They first discovered it with billiard balls. Gave a whole new meaning to the term “hard break”. Several people were hurt, but, I’ve never heard of anyone killed.