Food and drink roundup


  • I mean, it’s hard to sincerely argue that the Pret-a-Manger packaging isn’t deceptive, and I’m unaware of any practical reason for this packaging design, such as slack fill in chip bags to prevent the chips from being crushed.

  • Last time I checked those candy boxes listed their contents by weight not volume. Why are these lawsuits allowed to proceed? As long as the weight of the product meets or exceeds the weight listed on the packaging there is no issue.

  • To jmc — because weight is not the primary way consumers evaluate how much they are going to get out of boxed or bagged candy and snacks. How many gummy bears is 5 oz. of gummy bears? I have no idea. What volume of gummy bears are you going to get by buying the box in your hand? Now I have some idea. I open the box and 1/2 of it is air.

    That’s deceptive regardless of the “ounce” notation.