• They have my sympathy for the loss of their daughter. That’s about it. I wonder if they can sue the Brady Campaign for taking advantage of them during their mental distress from losing their daughter?

  • The real question is what the attorney representing them advised them. You don’t go forward on that kind of unlikely case without making very sure your client understands the potential consequences. Of course, grieving clients don’t always hear what you are saying easily–good attorneys make sure they do.

    • If they had good attorneys, the case would never have been filed.

  • It appears the Brady bunch offered to help, but the Phillips’ are refusing and choosing bankruptcy in the belief it will prevent Lucy Gunner from collecting:


    “The Brady Campaign has offered to help the family raise the money, but Phillips say they’d rather file for bankruptcy..

    ‘It’s the principle,” he said.

    ‘Would you pay $200,000 to the people that sold armor-piercing bullets over the Internet without asking for his drivers’ license?'”

    • The Phillips’ may be in for a bit of a shock. Not all court judgements can be discharged in bankruptcy.