Defamation suit after being called patent troll

David Barcelou and his company Automated Transactions, which have sued banks charging patent infringement over their use of Internet-connected automated teller machine technologies, in December filed a defamation suit in New Hampshire state court against the American Bankers Association, Crain’s Communications, and a variety of banks and other defendants. The suit contends that the defendants have engaged in a “smear campaign” intended to discredit the plaintiffs, prominently through use of the pejorative term “patent troll.” [Automated Transactions LLC v. ABA via IP Watchdog]

One Comment

  • How did they obtain a patent in the first place? Back in the 90’s, ATM’s ran on OS/2 from IBM. Changing it from one transport/protocol was simply a matter of changing the config which was well known and published. Require security on that transaction? Look at the RFC’s for IP. I am tired of the moron reviewers at the PTO that think “on the internet” is something new/different. Back in the 70’s, they intended all sorts of things to be done “on the internet with a computer”. đŸ˜€