Drug company hands patents over to Indian tribe

Allergan: we’ve transferred the patents for our dry-eye drug Restasis to the St. Regis Mohawk tribe, so now the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and our competitors can just go take a hike. The move follows a January decision by the PTAB to drop “a case against the University of Florida citing its sovereign immunity as a state institution. After that ruling, Michael Shore, a lawyer at Shore Chan DePumpo LLP in Dallas that represented the university, said the firm began looking for an Indian tribe that was interested in taking advantage of the ‘arbitrage opportunity.'” Rivals can still challenge the patents’ continuing validity in federal court, but that is a more cumbersome process. [Jonathan D. Rockoff, WSJ]

One Comment

  • Ordinary peasants will ever remain mystified by the shenanigans of the clergy of the courts, but, sadly for ordinary peasants, the salaries of these lawyers are included in the prices of goods and services. Thus, those who promulgate regulations can name their own price for their “services” and merely force the market to support their parasitism.