Free speech roundup

  • “You Can’t Sue People for Being Mean to You, Bob” – ACLU brief in Robert Murray-John Oliver case. Or can he? [Lowering the Bar, Popehat]
  • Eugene Volokh will keynote lunch and colleague Emily Ekins will describe results of a new survey on free speech at Cato’s inaugural conference on “The Future of the First Amendment,” that’s aside from my religious liberty panel [register or watch online]
  • “Build the Wall” flyers in Washington, D.C. draw reaction: “Council member Brandon Todd has told residents to call 911 if they are handed one of the flyers.” [Liberty Unyielding]
  • Is legal fate of Gawker chilling journalism about the rich and famous? [Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post, on coverage of R. Kelly story] Did ABC News really pay $177 million even after insurance reimbursement to settle pink slime case? [Jacob Gershman on Twitter citing SEC filing]
  • Symposium with Richard Epstein, Heather Mac Donald, KC Johnson, John McWhorter, Jonathan Rauch, Adam White and many others: “Is Free Speech Under Threat in the United States?” [Commentary]
  • Calls for a crackdown on bad guys’ political expression in 1950s and today, compared [Eugene Volokh]


  • Words have consequences. And when elected officials speak with the aire of authority of their office, it should be of defense of any individual who seems to follow the public and authoritative speech of government.
    Thus, perhaps pro-wall builders should flood 911 with calls, just as requested by the council person. A sort of shout down of an official who confuses her own personal politics with the responsibility that goes with her office to not request harmful acts of her constituents.

  • The left needs to learn that there is no hate speech, only speech you agree with and that you do not. And that both are legal and social consequences shouldn’t include being beaten with a baseball bat, maced, or otherwise assaulted by private citizens. And that the answer to speech you do not like is more speech.
    The right and center may need to review that lesson as well.
    And there is no restriction that you may only have one right at the time, so yes, you may peacefully assemble and bear arms at the same time.

    • Center never had a problem with that whole speech is the answer to speech you don’t like thing.

      Far left whack jobs and far right whack jobs on the other hand…..they’ve gone so far away from the center they’ve gone around the block and met on the other side, metaphorically speaking.

      White hoods, black hoods….same difference – thugs one and all.

      Brown shirts….black shirts…..same difference – thugs one and all.