Campus climate roundup

  • Prof. Laura Kipnis, previously investigated by Northwestern over an essay she wrote saying there are too many Title IX investigations, wrote a book about the experience and that touched off yet another Title IX investigation of her [Jeannie Suk Gersen, The New Yorker]
  • Groups demand that outspoken social conservative Prof. Amy Wax not be allowed to teach first-year civil procedure at University of Pennsylvania Law School [Caron/TaxProf] How to evaluate claims that professors who say controversial things must step away from the classroom because they can’t be trusted to treat/grade students fairly? [Eugene Volokh]
  • Meanwhile, co-author of “bourgeois culture” op-ed, Larry Alexander of the University of San Diego, finds his dean distinctly unsupportive [Tom Smith, Caron/TaxProf roundup and more]
  • “Stay Woke” and allyship: insider view of American University’s new required first-year diversity courses [Minding the Campus] So revealing that an AAUW chapter would celebrate cancellation of this American U event [Elizabeth Nolan Brown]
  • Anonymous denunciation makes things better: president of Wright State University in Ohio “is encouraging students to anonymously report any violence and hate speech that might occur on campus.” [AP/WOUB] Student protesters called on Evergreen State “to target STEM faculty in particular for ‘antibias’ training” [Heather Heying, WSJ]
  • From this excerpt, upcoming Shep Melnick book on Title IX, OCR and federal control of colleges sounds top-notch [Law and Liberty] What to expect as Education Department reconsiders its former Dear Colleague policies [KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor, Jr., Weekly Standard]


  • Re: Prof. Kipnis and Title IX

    The author, Jeannie Suk Gersen, is a law prof at Harvard. Should I be amazed that she has taken a stance in favor of curtailing Title IX abuses and is even openly rooting for Betsy DeVos?
    It seems so out of character for that ilk. But times change.

  • Maybe she has realized that the movement is starting to eat its own, and she wants to get ahead of the process by finding a safe space now, with the opposition.

  • I’m waiting for the movie version of Kipnis’ book: Title 9 From Outer Space.

  • Gersen was a member of the group of Harvard law professors who took a strong, outspoken stand from early on against the retreat from due process urged on Harvard and other universities by the Department of Education under the last administration. I am not sure why anyone would wish to attribute this admirable and courageous stand to unworthy motives.