“Canada may legalize drunken canoeing”

Impaired operation of a powerboat can easily pose dangers for other watercraft and water users. Canoes, probably not so much. A proposed change would also exclude from “vessel” such muscle-powered conveyances as kayaks and inflatable rafts. [Lowering the Bar; update]


  • It’s tough to walk a straight-line sobriety test in a canoe.

  • Reminds me of the classic Jeff Foxworthy quip: “Yew might be a redneck if you’ve ever been too drunk to fish.”

  • Rivers, rapids and alcohol don’t mix well, so yeah, it can (and does) present a hazard in some places.

    Whether there should be a law against it is another story.

  • Scott Unger on Twitter: “They’re not legalizing drunken canoeing-they’re removing penalties for drinking & boating.

    “Public drunkenness is still illegal.”