“Football Coach Sued for Copyright Infringement Over Retweet”

“You better think twice before hitting retweet because there are some vengeful potential plaintiffs out there. King’s College and its football coach were sued for copyright infringement for retweeting a link to an unauthorized image of a single page of a book.” [Michael Lee, Morrison Lee via Timothy Geigner, Techdirt]

One Comment

  • Does a retweet actually make a new post of the image or simply provide another link to the existing image? If simply another link, does this mean that linking is now infringement? I thought you had to copy the copyrighted material in order to infringe… Not simply write something like https://this.that.theother/file/path/to/material/nameoffile.ext since that grouping of characters is not copyrighted, and probably not even eligible for copyright. Once again, IANAL and I don’t even play one on TV.