Annals of nastygrams: Roy Moore’s lawyer to Alabama press

Lawyers, grammarians and connoisseurs of nastygrams will be studying this one for a long time: attorney Trenton Garmon, representing Alabama Senate candidate (and longtime Overlawyered favorite) Roy Moore, has sent a demand letter to Alabama press outlets instructing them that they had better not run certain negative stories. [Elliot Hannon, Slate; Ed Kilgore, New York mag] More: Kevin Underhill, Lowering the Bar.


  • Wow! My red pencil found about a dozen unambiguous usage, grammar, and spelling errors (they even misspelled “its” in the first sentence). There’s inconsistent punctuation style: sometimes periods are in quotes and sometimes they’re outside.

    You’d think he’d be able to afford a better law firm, and would have read this letter before approving it for dissemination.

    • What? You think an actual lawyer drafted the letter. It was probably handed off to the lowest Paralegal/legal secretary/intern in the firm org-chart.