HOA mailbox spat turns into three-year court battle

“Abby and Jonathan Weber bought their daughter Mollie a mailbox inspired by Tigger, the colorful character from the Winnie the Pooh stories….You know who didn’t appreciate the Tigger mailbox? Members of the Laurel Oaks Homeowners Association that oversees the Bucks County neighborhood that the Webers call home.” Now, three years of litigation later… [Brian Hickey, Philly Voice]


  • The HOA appears to have acted capriciously. And while a mailbox could be described as a “structure”–that doesn’t mean that the ordinary understanding of “structure” picks up mailboxes.

    HOAs are in a difficult spot. If they don’t enforce the rules, there can be issues, but if they do, they are held to high standards.

    I gor clipped for a $50 fine with an HOA a long time ago. They sent a bill for the dues in an envelope from some accounting firm that I had nothing to do with. The jerk president wouldn’t waive the late fee and snidely lectured me about reading my mail. I paid the money, but the piece of mind I gave him was worth it. I briefly considered a lawsuit, but not worth it.

  • And this is why one should never, EVER live in a HOA community.