November 15 roundup


  • Since they have never identified the cause of Cancer, I’ve always found it strange that they can say that something causes Cancer.

    • The mechanism of general anesthesia is unknown*. So I find it strange that they say that something causes general anesthesia.


  • the first link “Aaron E. Carroll, New York Times” appears to be broken.

  • Bad link for the NYT cancer article. Thanks!

  • Ouch, my mistake. Fixed now.

  • Did Mr. Fogle have to agree or cooperate in any way for that “Jailhouse Lawyer” to file a motion on his behalf?

  • From the first line of the decision –

    “Defendant Jared Fogle’s frivolous pro se Motion to Correct Clear Error Pursuant to Rule
    52(b), Dkt [110], is denied.”

    Pro Se.

    Enough said

    • Even prisoners have access to legal research tools, don’t they? You’d think that he’d be able to look up “sovereign citizen” and see that courts have consistently rejected it.

      • The judge certainly characterized it as a sovereign citizen argument.

        However, if you ask me, the only line quoted from the motion doesn’t support that.

        Here is the quoted line.

        “whether a judicial judgment is lawful depends on whether the sovereign has authority to render it.”

        Here is what the judge followed that line up with in his decision.

        “If Fogle is now claiming to be “sovereign”, the Seventh Circuit has rejected theories of individual sovereignty, immunity from prosecution, and their ilk.”

        While the filing by Frank Edwin Pate may or may not make a sovereign citizen type argument, nothing in the text quoted from the brief supports that contention or the suggestion that Fogle is claiming to be “sovereign”..