“Robot Patrols Grocery Store to Prevent Slip-and-Falls”

Marty, a robot, patrols the aisles in a Giant food store in Pennsylvania, part of a test program of a technology developed by a Kentucky company. “The robot is equipped with scanners so he doesn’t bump into displays or shoppers. He also has several internal cameras that reach about three fourths of the way down aisles,” a manager for Ahold USA said. “The robot’s main job right now is to scan for trip or slip hazards on the floor,” which can reduce liability payouts not only by aiding rapid cleanup of spills, but also by documenting that the site of a spill had not been the scene of a slip hazard for very long, reducing the chance of a finding of liability. [Sue Gleiter, PennLive via TortsProf/Robinette]

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