“The Dangerous Toys of Christmas: Debunked!”

Lenore Skenazy, Paul Detrick & Alexis Garcia video and commentary on the annual alarmism of WATCH (World Against Toys Causing Harm)(earlier), which this year is out against fidget spinners as well as other popular playthings:

Also on this year’s list is the Wonder Woman Battle Action Sword, which, the WATCH team says, encourages young children “to bear arms”—as if you get a Wonder Woman toy and immediately deploy to Yemen. They also say that the “rigid plastic sword blade has the potential to cause facial or other impact injuries.” Yeah…and so does a fork. In fact, so does a candy cane, if you suck it to a sharp point.


  • My mother always insisted you could put out an eye in a pillow fight.


  • I dislocated a friend’s arm in a pillow fight.

    We packed the fluff into the bottom of our pillows for maximum impact. They intertwined. We both pulled…

    We were teenagers at the time.

    Lawyers can file that under assumption of risk. We filed it under “stuff happens”. But I think that kids/teenagers who never roughhouse have worse long-term problems.

  • I believe that even my old favorite, the stick would be banned by these morons. Aren’t they familiar with the concepts of too stupid to reproduce and too stupid to live? Why must they always attempt to thwart Darwin?