Update: “Judge determines couple with low IQs can parent both their boys”

“Four years after their son was first placed into foster care, a Deschutes County judge has determined that Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler can parent both their boys.” The couple’s infant had been restored to them by a court ruling three weeks ago; now “4-year-old Christopher is on a track to come home as well. Both boys have spent nearly their entire lives in foster care based on the state’s concerns that Fabbrini and Ziegler were intellectually incapable of caring for their children,” though no abuse has been alleged. [Samantha Swindler, Oregonian; earlier]

One Comment

  • This whole “transition” thing is nonsense as well. I get that the foster parents have a deep emotional attachment to the four year old and that the child will likely benefit, but the answer is “so what?” Interference with parental custody is the deprivation of a constitutional right and has to be based on some sort of inability to care for the child–here, a judge has determined that there is no basis for the interference, thus, any additional transition (i.e., keeping their kid from them) is unconstitutional.

    That’s the problem here. CPS has no consideration for the rights of the parents and seem to think that casual interference on a going-forward basis is ok. No, It’s not ok. And it ought to be prosecuted under federal civil rights laws.