State of the Union address 2018 live-tweets

I live-tweeted President Trump’s address last night (text) and here are some highlights:

More on family leave here.


  • “Freedom to say goodbye” says all you need to say about the SOTU (the Dems brought the alien criminal to Congress) and the state of the judicial system in our country.

  • State of the Union in one word: FUBAR

  • “To speak on behalf of the American people…” That’s not what a President does in a #SOTU”

    Perhaps it should be. And this was an excellent start.

    • Maybe in some sense a President can be said to speak on behalf of the American people when he sends condolences or congratulations abroad on some uncontroversial matter. But he does not speak on behalf of the American people when he gives a speech taking positions on matters on which the American people are divided, or urges measures to which a substantial portion of the American electorate is opposed. In those cases he speaks for himself and perhaps also his followers or co-thinkers.

      The stronger form of the claim would be that the leader of the state instantiates the will of the American people, and I would reject that too, as to any and all Presidents including this one.

      • So the previous President’s apology tour was inappropriate and meaningless. I no longer need to feel ashamed of his behavior. Thank you.

        On the other hand, when a President and a majority of Congress lead America into war, this is also not speaking for the American people. Unless the people are united 100% at all times behind the war. Which has never happened.

        At one extreme, one has libertarianism, which seems to eschew the concept of nation and ancillary concepts such as national borders. At the other extreme, the supreme leader speaks for the nation because any dissent is crushed – nothing like winning votes with 98% of the total, like in certain communist countries and Chicago.

        Is there a definition of nation, with a national leader who is its representative and spokesman, its face to the world, that is functional and yet not totalitarian?