“They confessed to minor crimes. Then City Hall billed them $122K in ‘prosecution fees'”

“In Indio and Coachella, prosecutors take property owners to court for some of the smallest crimes, then bill them thousands and threaten to take their homes if they don’t pay.” [Brett Kelman, The Desert Sun, California, via Dan Mitchell who besides citing this story, and my writing on the new Philadelphia bulletproof glass law, relates local government ticketing sprees arising from Chicago window sign rules and Los Angeles pedestrian laws] The Institute for Justice [press release] has now filed a lawsuit challenging the Indio/Coachella practices. [Kelman, Desert Sun]


  • Sounds like City Hall wants to pay the big music bands out of the astounding prosecution fees which end up for the property owners to be similar to civil asset forfeiture under a different name/method. I side with the property owners, this shouldn’t happen to them because of big named entertainers.

  • Re: Silver & Wright, the state bar authorities should be notified. File enough complaints–put Silver & Wright out of business.

    • It won’t matter how many complaints are filed if the state bar sides with Silver & Wright on the legal issues.

      • Contest every single bill. Make every bill a 1983 claim. And file bar complaints with every inaccurate bill.

  • A Federal court should throw out these exorbitant charges by citing the Eight Amendment:

    “… nor [shall] excessive fines [be] imposed …”