Environment roundup

  • “Lolita the killer whale has lived at Miami Seaquarium since 1970. Do the conditions of her confinement, including sharing her tank with dolphins that engage in inappropriate sexual behavior, amount to ‘harm’ and ‘harassment’ in violation of federal statute? The Eleventh Circuit says no.” [John Ross, Short Circuit, on PETA v. Miami Seaquarium]
  • California suit about Prop 65 warnings on coffee grinds on [Sara Randazzo/WSJ, Pierre Lemieux/EconLog, earlier]
  • NYC mayor De Blasio, who recently filed long-shot suit, says he hopes to “bring death knell to fossil fuel industry” [John Breslin, Legal NewsLine] “People don’t need to smoke cigarettes, but they have needed energy for many decades,” one of many reasons suing Big Oil is different from suing Big Tobacco [Amy Harder, Axios]
  • Squirrel rescue saga: “I begged and pleaded for a few more weeks, but was essentially told I needed to release him even though it was the middle of winter.” [Christine Clarridge, Seattle Times]
  • Aluminum smelter vs. orchards: a historic instance of nuisance litigation working well as a regulatory method? [Douglas Kysar, SSRN]
  • “Privatizing Federal Grazing Lands” [Chris Edwards, Cato]


  • Obviously, the Fish and Wildlife Service has far too big a budget. It has lost any sense of perspective.

    Rescue a squirrel and get a call from the cops. Who are these do-gooding statists?

    • Note that the agency involved in the squirrel case is Washington state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife, as distinct from the federal Fish and Wildlife Service.

  • “Death knell to fossil fuel industry”—really? And then what? They are closing their nuke plants in New England, and there isn’t enough sun for solar, so 100% wind? How can anyone say such a thing with a straight face?

  • “People don’t need to smoke cigarettes, but they have needed energy for many decades,”

    People have needed energy for as long as there have been people. Back when human muscle was the only source of energy we had access to life was short and brutal. This is what the greens want to do, return us to the stone age, before even the discovery of fire.

  • squirrels here raid the bird feeders. We have a bit more winter in Wisconsin than they do in Washington. They even manage to survive sub-zero temperatures as do the rabbits.

  • No, when it gets down to that, and wind is your only option, the greens will turn on wind power too.

    What they want is no power.