Family leave pay, borrowed from future Social Security benefits?

With a political push still under way for costly mandates on employers to provide paid family leave, there is interest in proposals for family leave based on borrowing from future Social Security benefits. Under a plan proposed by Kristin Shapiro of the Independent Women’s Forum, “new parents would agree to defer their collection of Social Security benefits upon retirement for the period of time necessary to offset the cost of their parental benefits.” Some critical commentary on the idea: Vanessa Brown Calder And Chris Edwards, Cato. A more favorable view: Ramesh Ponnuru.


  • Compliance with the unpaid leave mandates of the FMLA already costs a fortune and employees game the law so blatantly, why not provide more incentive to abuse the Friday/Monday Leave Act?

  • A plan to borrow against benefits that aren’t yet paid for and will probably never be paid.

    What could go wrong?

  • Sounds like they want SSA to get into the short term disability insurance racket… So if you’ve put off your retirement five years, What happens when you’re in an accident and lose both arms when you’re 41? Do you have to wait five years for disability? Do you go to ssa retirement at 62 or 67 assuming you’re still on disability? There is a lot of complexity involved in what dates you are eligible for what depending on your exact circumstances. And they keep playing with the retirement dates after the fact, So at some point you putting it off three years thinking 67 – 70 might actually turn out to be 75 – 78…
    I still love KISS, keep it simple stupid. 😀