Liability roundup


  • British Columbia auto insurance–

    It looks like the “Leftist” NDP government is not to blame for a mess they inherited from a center-left “Liberal” government.

    (As Canada’s version of California, British Columbia does not have a viable right-of-center party. On the other hand, in the USA’s Deep South, many right-of-center politicians are quite happy to enrich plaintiff law firms at the expense of the general public.)

    • I’m not sure that I would agree that the BC Liberals are center-left. The federal Liberals are center-left, but the BC Liberals are considerably to the right of the federal Liberals. For almost all of 40 years, BC was ruled by the Social Credit party, a peculiar of right-wing populist party unique to western Canada. When the NDP (social democratic) won the provincial election in 1991, the Socreds were reduced to 7 of the 75 seats in the legislature and the party fell apart. Most former Socreds were absorbed by the Liberals, resulting in a rightward shift of the Liberal party.