Campus climate roundup

  • Applicants for faculty positions at UC San Diego must file written statement detailing “past efforts, as well as future plans to advance diversity, equity and inclusion,” and are warned that lip service isn’t enough [Stephen Bainbridge]
  • CUNY law dean: disruptors shouted down Josh Blackman for only eight minutes or so, nothing contrary to university rules in that [Robby Soave, earlier] “Hecklers of Campus Speakers: Easy Answers and Hard Questions” [Erica Goldberg] “Is Free Speech Becoming the Next Scare-Quote Domain?” [Paul Horwitz]
  • On a happier note, a Festschrift and tribute essay collection for the inimitable and unstoppable Richard Epstein [University of Chicago Law School]
  • “Readers may find it remarkable that these students expected the other people in the room to applaud and validate them for derailing the event.” [Robby Soave on Duke protest of alumni event] How to end a building occupation: “The phone calls [from NYU] advised parents that students who interfered with campus functions could [lose] financial aid or housing.” [Kyle Smith, NRO] “Some Pundits Say There’s No Campus Free Speech ‘Crisis.’ Here’s Why They’re Wrong” [Soave]
  • “The people in that room all agreed that I had committed sexual harassment by showing my class this film” [Soave; Massachusetts College of Art & Design]
  • A sociologist’s view: if my field is typical, postmodernism and intersectionalism haven’t taken over the academy [Nicholas Wolfinger]


  • The only people who can pass this litmus test at UC San diego are hard core leftists. It would be simply unacceptable to say that work should be based on merit and that it is not the job of a math professor to be engaging in advocacy or social engineering. I in fact applied for a job at one of the Cali schools and not doubt got the circular file for not being sufficiently woke.

    • Prison time seems to be the right remedy for these sorts of things.

    • It looks like this would give the advantage to applicants who are themselves members of the kinds of minorities UCSD wants to encourage. All they have to do is say that they will serve as role models and mentors for students like themselves. Non-minority applicants, on the other hand, have to show that they have engaged in the right sorts of activities or have the right sort of political views. Look at the samples on the linked web site. One is from a Latino, another from a woman from a country “near the Middle East”.

  • At UC San Diego, simply affirm your commitment to supporting “underrepresented minorities” on campus, such as conservatives or libertarians. Problem solved.

    • Given the stroke that might induce, could be opening other vacancies for additional opportunities…