Liability roundup


  • I wonder how the professor being treated for multiple myeloma feels about the “throttling the supply of guns” answer to reduce gun violence.

    • Since Prof. Steve Horwitz is a leading voice for principles of individual liberty in the academy, I suspect he would spot many problems with the “throttle the supply of guns” approach. But what an odd question in the first place. Is the idea that by being a professor he would somehow be expected to be in favor of stricter gun control?

      • I am happy to hear your commendation of Professor Horwitz. I hope he has a complete recovery.

        And yes, simply by playing the [perceived] odds, I would presume a professor would be somewhere between liberal and flaming stalinist. I am happy to be introduced to a libertarian, Austrian-school scholar.

        It’s sad, but I don’t think it can be classified as “odd”.