New floor for nuisance settlements?

Presidential attorney and former NYC mayor Rudolph Giuliani, on the Stormy Daniels payment [ABC News reporting on-air comments]:

“I never thought $130,000 — I know this sounds funny to people there at home — I never thought $130,000 was a real payment; it’s a nuisance payment,” Giuliani said. “People don’t go away for $130,000.”

One Comment

  • Finally, some reality injected into the Stormy Daniels saga.

    When I lived in Baton Rouge, a couple of decades ago, $130K would get you a “4 Winda Wonda” house in a middle class neighborhood. And, that was after the Bust in the Oil Patch, which depressed housing prices for a long time. Today, it’d probably get you a house in middle to lower middle class neighborhood. It wouldn’t get you anywhere near Country Club of Louisiana, a gated community. Take out 40% for the attorney’s contingency fee, and you’re left enough to get a new double wide and maybe a 1/2 acre lot in the country part of East Baton Rouge Parish.

    As far as reflecting on the merit of Daniels’ claim, it’s probably less than half of the cost of defending against a harassment suit. Throw in the timing (right before the election, when Trump had been hammering Hillary over Bill’s affairs and her role in the Bimbo Eruption Squad, and his own problems with the Access Hollywood tape), there was probably a premium placed on getting a quick settlement. But, unexpectedly, Trump won, and Stormy realized she made a bad deal.

    Wonder who’s paying her attorney’s fees and costs now? It’s doubtful that she is — that would take a lot of time on the pole and a whole lot of Dollar Bills slipped down her G-string. There’s a Sugar Daddy somewhere.