Un-forthcoming Schneiderman loses another round to CEI

A New York appellate court has upheld an order that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman pay counsel fees to the Competitive Enterprise Institute for having resisted required disclosure of the “AGs United for Clean Energy” secrecy agreement [Anna St. John, CEI; Chris White, Daily Caller]

Attorneys general began tangling with CEI in April of 2016, and have experienced repeated setbacks in courtroom battles since then.


  • A shame they reduced the award and that it had to happen under FOIL, which people can dismiss as normal government practice. Schneiderman needs a black eye the public will pay attention to.

  • They are courts of law, so they have to follow the law–but it is tough to swallow seeing government entities that flout all sorts of rules getting the benefit of courts turning square corners.

  • So now that Schneiderman has resigned in light of a “physical abuse scandal,” is he on the hook for the fees personally?

    Or is the Office of the Attorney General (also known as the taxpayers) on the hook?

    See: https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/four-women-accuse-new-yorks-attorney-general-of-physical-abuse

    • Who pays doesn’t change just because he resigned later.