Banking and finance roundup


  • The cashless concept has spawned something here at home called the “Better Than Cash Alliance, with the United Nations Capital Development Fund, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Omidyar Network, Citi, Visa, and Mastercard all reportedly donating $1.5 million or more per year.”

    Might be all you need to know. Two problematic agencies, two charities for a veneer of altruism, and the real power behind the movement – banks that collect cashless transaction fees.

  • “Corporate social responsibility” always always means leftist causes. It never means encouraging marriage, hard work, responsibility, church-going, or starting a business.

  • Confused on the corporate governance thing, and not just about why is the Department of Labor opining (doesn’t seem an issue that “labor” is an appropriate label for). Are they saying shareholders (those are owners, right?) aren’t allowed to have goals with their equity besides profits?

  • @Steve–
    They are saying that pension fund managers, representing employees with a wide spectrum of political opinions, should stick to the common goal of profits.

  • Specifically, the managers are legally under a fiduciary obligation to act in the fund beneficiaries’ interests. Although other government entities (or courts) take the lead regarding fiduciary obligations of other types of fund managers, the Labor Department gets involved in pension management since that is considered a labor issue.

  • So it’s not really DOL talking about corporate governance and shareholder initiatives per se as much as it is DOL talking about the duties of pension fund managers? That makes sense. I am no longer confused about that item.