Schools roundup

  • Even as Washington, D.C. saddles child-care providers with new degree requirement, it leaves unenforced some of its certification rules for public school teachers [David Boaz, earlier here, etc.]
  • Mayor de Blasio plans to overhaul admission to NYC’s elite high schools. Watch out [Lisa Schiffren, New York Post]
  • On the Banks of Plumb Crazy: American Library Association removes Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name from children’s-book award [AP/The Guardian]
  • Max Eden investigation of death at a NYC school [The 74 Million] Eden and Seth Barron podcast on school shootings and discipline policy [City Journal]
  • “The Transgender Bathroom Wars Continue in State Court” [Gail Heriot]
  • Oklahoma, West Virginia, Arizona and on: are teacher uprisings justified? [Neal McCluskey and Caleb Brown]


  • The American Library Association, long trying to appear the defender from censorship, has sent Ms. Ingalls down the memory hole. The ALA is now its own enemy.

    Older works depict the era in which they were written, and do not pretend to portray any future racial utopia. Ingalls or Twain were social advocates in their time, but in a way that would actually be read by people of their time. I recall reading these authors in later grade school and junior high. There was not a person in the class who read them as a manual for how to view minorities, but rather, all understood the injustices portrayed.

  • The 1000 non-accredited teachers are already union members. Once the child care workers get their credentials they would probably have to become union members.

  • The link to the Gail Heriot item is broken.
    I think this is it: