• Shocker? Does UPS warranty goods it delivers? Federal Express?

  • But ups and fedex do not provide a catalog of things that you can pay them money to ship to you…

  • cecil,
    Think of the Home Depot model. You can return or exchange almost anything. But you only get the manufacturer’s warranty.

    • You misunderstood me, I was replying to the first comment. They are only shippers, not sellers so what are they suppose to warrant other than it will arrive close to on time and intact. The law permits as-is sales… I hereby warrant that if this device arrives intact, it will make a good paperweight, whether or not it performs any other functions is a bonus you may not receive… đŸ˜€

  • Amazon warranties goods that it sells, but, it doesn’t warranty goods sold by third party vendors. I’ve had to deal with Amazon over warranties and they have always taken responsibility for it.