“Guardians from Hell”

More, this time from Michigan, on how guardianship in the wrong hands can turn into a “completely legal, utterly grotesque system for undermining the rights of the elderly,” cutting out kids and legitimate heirs. Last fall the New Yorker ran a chilling investigative piece by Rachel Aviv exposing guardianship abuses in Nevada. [Gretchen Rachel Hammond, Tablet; coverage last October of the Rachel Aziz piece]


  • Appalling.

    The bench and the bar often protect each other. It’s sickening to see, and it brings the entire court system into disrepute.

  • That is crazy. Thanks for sharing. I still don’t know why more lawyers don’t try to convince clients to use professional, corporate trustees such as banks or trust companies as the estate fiduciary or guardian of funds. So many attorneys seem reluctant because of the “fee.” Most of the time, the investment fee includes the fiduciary services.