• So. Does Dr. Quarrie have recourse to anything except for an apology? When a doctor, in the normal course of his practice and exercising his professional judgment, has a bad result, the legal profession marshals its strength to punish him and seek large gobs of money because had he done something else, it might not have turned out that way. Have the lawyers managed to write the laws so they are immune to such trifling issues when they destroy a man’s career?


    • Yes. And that’s before you get into prosecutorial immunity.

  • Why does the government hand out immunity based solely on a person’s employer? For example, a police officer and a security guard can perform the same act and one has qualified immunity and a good faith exception and the other does not. How, in a government for the people by the people did this ever come to be? Who decided to hand my rights over to some moron that accepts a dangerous job but wants to plead fear for his life even when in situations that no reasonable person would have any fear?
    I am not anti-police, just tired of the bs. Civil asset forfeiture might as well be labeled theft by the government for the government by government thugs. Any time you don’t have to convict a person of an actual crime (last I knew carrying money wasn’t a crime) before being able to take their property is wrong. Suing inanimate property is wrong. Property has no rights, the person that the property belongs to has the rights and should be the only “thing” eligible for suit. And to deprive property from a person should require the same level of proof by the government as to deprive them of their liberty. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, in my opinion a person’s property is very definitely under that last category. 😀
    And no, no one has deprived me of anything.