The oft-recurring phrase

“…render the website unintelligible and prevent navigation and use.” So many similar ADA claims with the same lawyer involved [Court Listener via Tim Cushing]

In related news, a blind woman who sued Brooklyn Brewery over its allegedly inaccessible website has sued at least 24 other defendants as well. [Colin Mixson, Brooklyn Paper; our coverage of web accessibility and of ADA filing mills]

One Comment

  • The ADA is being abused, pure and simple. There are many aspects of life for which no accommodation is possible for a disability. How can a deaf person enjoy a concert? Who is to blame for that? No one. There is no way to make a concert accessible. The EEOC sided with a deaf person who wanted to man the cash register at a restaurant–how could they do the job? It makes no sense.
    My local grocery store has many staff who are retarded, very low IQ, Mongolian syndrome (can’t remember the PC name) and one Williams syndrome–excessive friendliness along with low IQ. They bag groceries and retrieve shopping carts. Excellent. Can the do the cash register? No.
    The demand that the internet be accessible to all is simply insane. It is a visual medium.